about us

Gauri & Manasi are the two tinkerers behind Tinkerbelles. After years of wild arm waving & cross-eyed hyperventilation over artful objects, patterns and ideas, they decided the world needed to be privy to their peculiar discoveries. Also blogging is cheaper than long distant calls & better for the soul than phones.
Gauri Vengurlekar is an architect by training. Her style has been influenced by life in India, New Mexico, Philadelphia & the beautiful Northwest. She currently lives in Portland, OR and doesn’t bat an eye-lid at naked spring bathers. She might very slowly be turning into a hippie. Gauri can also knit in her sleep. Her last name has been known to cause many to break into a cold sweat. Gauri is married to a good man who insists they learn the riskiest sports possible.
Manasi Kashyap is also an architect by training (yes, they trained together). She decided to switch professions after once getting her face caught in the DC Metro doors & realizing that she needed to do things she really loved before she died. She is now a photographer & film maker. Yes, her face is fine. Manasi has lived & learned in India, Texas, DC, Virginia, Cambridge (UK) and currently lives in London. Manasi also has a secret & abiding love for the fiber arts and keeps a spinning wheel well concealed in her husband’s closet.